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This site was created for IServerd project. I think you know what ICQ word mean. This word was invented by Mirabilis company. Many millions of people have seen ICQ client program, but nobody know about ICQ server, only AOL stuff. The AOL company that has eaten Mirabilis Inc. keep this secret closed.

There are many people, who search server that support several protos and can work as corporate internet connection-independent ICQ gate. I know about two attempts to create such server software. The first one was original ICQ Groupware server created by Mirabilis company. This project was bought by AOL and was freezed [terminated ?]. Second attempt was "gicqd" server, but it died too. So i've take tcpdump in my hands and started new project - It was called "IServerd" (yes, it is new icq server clone) that mean ICQ Server Daemon. Sometimes people call it shortly "ISD". IServerd use PostgreSQL database management system as storage for permanent user records and temporary records for connected users.

There is information about Ukrainian company named "ICQTeam", which created ICQ server for Windows and row of other products for extension of ICQ possibilities, but AOL company has enclosed efforts to displace them from Internet and now is not so easy to find the ICQ Team's software.

This program and the author are in no way affiliated with Mirabilis (AOL). This program is designed as unix Groupware ICQ server since there is no Groupware ICQ server on a unix box. No reverse engineering or decompilation of any Mirabilis code took place to make this program.

Currently there is stable branch and unstable devel-branch. Serious use of devel branch are not recomended because of its unstability - it contain experimental code that can cause core dumps. Sorry, but there is no anonymous CVS archive access yet, only WEB-CVS.

Currently you can use IServerd only under unix like operating system.

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What is the most popular local client in your network ?

 ICQCorp 1.12 (Mirabilis)
 Miranda-IM (v8 plugin)
 Miranda-IM (v3 plugin)
 ICQLite (AOL/Mirabilis)
 ICQ2001-2003 (AOL/Mirabilis)
 ICQ2000 (AOL/Mirabilis)
 Trillian Pro (Cerulean Studios)
 SIM (Alexey Shutoff's)
 ICQ99 (AOL/Mirabilis)
 ICQ2000 (AOL/Mirabilis)
 CenterICQ (Konstantin Klyagin)

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