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--- Latest project and website news.

 [01.12.2006]     Small updatesReply

I found some time to apply patches created by people. New version - iserverd-stable.tar.gz (2.5.4-20061201).

 [12.01.2005]     New version - 2.4.14Reply

This version have many bugfixes and some fun futures (for example ICQLite/ICQ2003 now hides their banners after first login to iserverd). Also there is a good code optimization to save cpu time (i plan to add kqueue/epoll support in next version). This version don't contain tvision/icontrol code - it was replaced by small command string utils. I beleve IServerd became more stable and user-friendly.

 [15.12.2004]     New version & new branchReply

Now branch 1.x.x closed. Branch 2.x.x now have status "stable" (from 2.4.11 version). Changes: aplied several patches (bug fixing) i got in my mailbox and almost finished actions.conf processing (now you can use message, mail, run rules). Read changelog for information.

 [26.04.2004]     OSCAR documentation updateReply

I've received a lot of letters with addons, updates, bugfixes for OSCAR docs. So documentation now more accurate and correct. Thanks for all people who help me with it.

 [26.05.2003]     Webserver problemsReply

There was big problems with website disk subsystem. I just plan to replace disks and reinstall server this saturday so all day iserverd*.khstu.ru cluster will be inaccessible. Sorry for inconvinience.

 [12.05.2003]     Oscar protocol specification outReply

I'm glad to announce an Oscar protocol specification. This is the protocol on which ICQ2000,2001,2002,2003 and AIM clients work. Use it to make better ICQ/AIM applications and if you find a bug (content bug, english grammar bug, etc...) - please, send me a letter.

 [10.03.2003]     Internet connection problemReply

As you allready noticed project website was inaccessible for some time. Thanks to G.N. Furland (Rostelecom Far East branch technical director) - idiot, that just disconnected our internet primary channel for some political reasons. Now website is accessible thru secondary channel (iserverd.khstu.ru alias now points to iserverd2.khstu.ru). Big thanks to Redcom company for this.

 [14.01.2003]     IServerd-2.4.6Reply

I've put on website new IServerd version (2.4.6). You can review changes in ChangeLog. In short: autoregistration code finished, auth cookie now 256 bytes (for GAIM and kxicq compatibility), fixed many bugs, type-2 messages thru server code finished.

 [13.01.2003]     ICQCorp for LinuxReply

I received a binary version of ICQCorp program precompiled by group of Linux users from dedunino.net, Moscow. You can find it on download page.

 [06.12.2002]     IServerd-2.4.5R2 bugfix releaseReply

IServerd-2.4.5R2 bugfix release out. Fixed coredump on V3/V5 contact lists processing. Added postgresql headers search paths. Added ./configure paramter --without-icontrol to disable icontrol/tvision compiling.

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