Complete SNAC(xx,01) error list   

Here is the list of the known error codes for families error SNACs(xx,01).

  0x01   Invalid SNAC header.
  0x02   Server rate limit exceeded
  0x03   Client rate limit exceeded
  0x04   Recipient is not logged in
  0x05   Requested service unavailable
  0x06   Requested service not defined
  0x07   You sent obsolete SNAC
  0x08   Not supported by server
  0x09   Not supported by client
  0x0A   Refused by client
  0x0B   Reply too big
  0x0C   Responses lost
  0x0D   Request denied
  0x0E   Incorrect SNAC format
  0x0F   Insufficient rights
  0x10   In local permit/deny (recipient blocked)
  0x11   Sender too evil
  0x12   Receiver too evil
  0x13   User temporarily unavailable
  0x14   No match
  0x15   List overflow
  0x16   Request ambiguous
  0x17   Server queue full
  0x18   Not while on AOL

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