OSCAR sequences   

  Service request sequence description
       Service request is a way to get service not supported by BOS server. For example AOL server currently doesn't support SSBI service on main BOS connection. So service request is a first thing you should do if you want to deal with SSBI. This sequence looks like login, but not so complicated. Just look at the sequence example dump here.

 Correct service request sequence
  >>   SNAC(01,04)   Client ask server for service on BOS connection
  <<   SNAC(01,05)   Server reply with ip addres, port and auth cookie to client
  Now client makes connection to specified service server
  <>   connect   Client connects to service server
  >>   cli_cookie   Client sends cookie
  <<   SNAC(01,03)   Server sends supported services list
  >>   SNAC(01,17)   Client ask for services version numbers
  <<   SNAC(01,18)   Server sends its services version numbers
  >>   SNAC(01,06)   Client ask server for rate limits info
  <<   SNAC(01,07)   Server sends rate limits information
  >>   SNAC(01,08)   Client ack connection rate limits
  >>   SNAC(01,02)   Client READY command
  Now client have BOS & service connections...

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