This is the first SNAC in client migration sequence. See also known families list. Client should ack pause command with SNAC(01,0C) and stop send packets until it receive server resume SNAC(01,0D), or migration notice SNAC(01,12). Migration sequence used to redirect client to new BOS server during current BOS shutdown. Families array is optional.

 00 01   word   SNAC family
 00 0B   word   SNAC subtype
 00 00   word   SNAC flags
 xx xx xx xx   dword   SNAC request-id
 xx xx   word   family number #1
 ...    ...    ...
 xx xx   word   family number #n

Example SNAC dump with flap header:

 2A 02 E5 65 00 0A 00 01  00 0B 00 00 8E CC C4 DF *..e............

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