WinAIM (AIM service) use this snac to keep connection alive. This is usefull when it use proxy server to connect to BOS. Proxy servers can disconnect client if there is no activity for some time. ICQ use channel 5 FLAPs for this issue.

It is strongly advised for client developers to use channel 5 FLAPs to keep connection alive because this save traffic. SNAC(01,16) is deprecated and not used anymore.

 00 01   word   SNAC family
 00 16   word   SNAC subtype
 00 00   word   SNAC flags
 xx xx xx xx   dword   SNAC request-id
 (empty) no snac data

Example SNAC dump with flap header:

  2A 02 E5 65 00 0A 00 01  00 16 00 00 89 CD C1 E1 *..e............

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