Server replies with this SNAC to SNAC(07,08) - account delete request. It may contain error code / error url if request failed. Known error codes may be found in SNAC(07,03) description.

 00 07   word   SNAC family
 00 09   word   SNAC subtype
 00 00   word   SNAC flags
 xx xx xx xx   dword   SNAC request-id
 00 08   word   TLV.Type(0x08) - error subcode
 xx xx   word   TLV.Length
 xx xx   word   error subcode
 00 04   word   TLV.Type(0x04) - error description url
 xx xx   word   TLV.Length
 xx ..   string   error description url string

Example SNAC dumps with flap header:

  No example

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